I’m Lynda, founder, CEO and CFO here at LD Business Solutions.

We’re going to create the calm in the chaos with easy to understand, worry free bookkeeping.

It’s time to feel in control of your books, your accounts, and Australian Tax Office deadlines. Let’s work to reduce your overwhelm, leaving you time to do what you love, which is run your business. Isn’t this the reason you started this fun journey in the first place?

LD Business Soutions-Lynda

Consider us an extension of your already awesome team

I want you to feel empowered when it comes to your numbers, encouraged to reach those higher heights within your business and get excited knowing your books are up to date and you don’t have to spend another late night making sure everything is reconciled by a due date.

I help business owners increase profits, take care of the books, embrace the numbers like the champion that you are and stress wayyyy less across your money management.

I’m a mum, wife, dog and cat lover, mountain biker, coffee lover and very passionate business owner.

Proudly registered BAS Agent and XERO Advisor, entrepreneur and fiercely protective of those in my circle.

I operate in a very black and white way, where there is no grey area at this master table. My current repertoire of clients speaks for themselves and love the work we do together. I am considered an extension of their support team and I love it this way.

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Save your most precious asset

I know time is our most valuable resource as business owners and entrepreneurs, so instead of spending hours each week doing your bookkeeping, spending time in XERO, recording accurate financial information, complying with your BAS and GST, and having your payroll run on time, you could:

  • Spend time running your business doing the things you love
  • Create new ways to increase the revenue streams in your business
  • Not feel guilty about spending more time with your family and friends
  • Drink your coffee slowly
  • Feel confident your bookkeeping is being run by the experts
  • Tick outsourcing your bookkeeping off your list and get back to full focus on being an awesome business owner knowing that our team have got this covered.
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